HOUSE is the DAO governance token of Klaymore Stakehouse. By staking HOUSE, users can participate in its decentralized operation and earn governance rewards. Keep in mind that it takes 14 days to unstake your HOUSE.


The total supply of HOUSE is 700,000,000. One million HOUSE will be issued at the genesis of Stakehouse, which will be used to provide the initial liquidity to the Klay-HOUSE AMM pool in KlaySwap. All of the tokens except the ones issued for initial launch are linearly vested over 36 months block-by-block.

  • Total Supply: 700,000,000 HOUSE

  • Yield Farm: 490,000,000 HOUSE

  • Community Pool: 68,950,000 HOUSE

  • Initial Launch (KlaySwap LP Pool): 1,050,000 HOUSE

  • Early Contributors (Partners): 35,000,000 HOUSE

  • Team: 105,000,000 HOUSE

Yield Farming (v2)

Approximately 447,489 HOUSE tokens are being distributed daily as rewards. The reward allocation of each pool is - approximately - as the following table. Note that the exact number might differ each day because the HOUSE reward is released per-block basis.

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