The Best Stakehouse for Klay Lovers‌

What is Klaymore Stakehouse

Klaymore Stakehouse is a user-friendly staking solution for Klaytn. Users can maximize their Klay staking reward for Klaymore automatically switches and stakes their Klay into the Klaytn CN(Consensus Node) that provides the highest APY.

Why does it matter?

There are many CN(Consensus Node) nodes in Klaytn, and some provide delegated staking features to normal users. Users can delegate their Klay into such nodes and earn rewards. However, staking and earning rewards is not really standardized within the Klaytn ecosystem yet. For instance, some nodes provide yield-bearing tokens ensuring the ownership of the staked tokens for the delegators, but others don't. And each node offers a different APY. This is very confusing for the end-users and results in lower market efficiency. We believe that it is not the users' job to understand how the delegated staking features work and track the highest yield offering nodes to optimize their staking portfolio. Klaymore Stakehouse is here for that.

Klaymore Stakehouse Benefits

Staking Reward Maximization

Our Stakehouse provides an optimal staking portfolio to maximize your staking reward. Once you deposit your Klay, our smart contract automatically stakes it to the node that provides the highest yield and periodically rebalances the portfolio to keep the optimal state.

Intuitive Standardized Tokenization

With Klaymore Stakehouse, you will receive an equivalent number of 'aKlay' tokens corresponding to the amount of Klay staked. If you have 150 aKlay in your wallet, you can receive 150 Klay when you unstake aKlay tokens. The number of aKlay tokens increases in real-time as the staked Klay tokens generate yield — we call this type of token a 'yield-bearing' token. For instance, if you stake 100 Klay in Stakehouse for a year, it will generate 5 Klay as yield. So you receive 100 aKlay after you stake 100 Klay, but aKlay will finally become 105 aKlay after a year. Without taking any further actions, the balance will increase automatically once you stake with Klaymore Stakehouse.

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