What is aKlay?

aKlay is a tokenized position certifying the staked Klay in CN nodes. In plain English, you can mint 1 aKlay by staking 1 Klay in Stakehouse and redeem 1 Klay by burning 1 aKlay - after 7 days of unstaking period.

Furthermore, aKlay is a yield-bearing token, which means that the yield generated by your staked Klay is automatically accumulated to your aKlay.

What is the difference between Klay and aKlay?

aKlay is a yield-bearing token for Klay. So the balance of aKlay in your wallet is dynamic; it increases over time as the underlying Klay generates yield. In other words, if you have 10,000 aKlay in your wallet today, you will have more aKlay tokens, for example, 10,002 aKlay, in your wallet by tomorrow. This means you can unstake 10,002 Klay from Klaymore later.

What is HOUSE?

HOUSE is the governance token of Klaymore Stakehouse. By staking HOUSE, you can participate in the Klaymore DAO governance. It takes 14 days to unstake your HOUSE.

How can I earn HOUSE?

You can earn HOUSE by

  1. Staking aKlay

  2. Staking HOUSE

  3. Staking LP tokens

    1. Klay-HOUSE pool

    2. Klay-aKlay pool

For more information, please check out the "Chef's Recommendation" page.

What is the benefit of staking aKlay?

By staking aKlay, you can earn HOUSE tokens as a reward in addition to the Klay staking APY. There is no lock-up period for staked aKlay - you can unstake your aKlay immediately.

What is the benefit of staking HOUSE?

By staking HOUSE, you can earn aKlay as a governance reward. Also, you can farm HOUSE tokens too. But, please keep in mind that it takes 14 days to unstake your HOUSE!

What should I do to earn HOUSE by providing liquidity to KlaySwap pools?

First, visit KlaySwap and provide liquidity to your preferred pool - either Klay-HOUSE or Klay-aKlay. Then you will get the liquidity pool tokens - even if you can't see them in your wallet, they are there, so don't worry!

Now, come back to Klaymore and find the 'Liquidity' menu. You can stake the pool tokens here. Indeed, you are good to go once you sign the transaction. By the way, you can also earn KSP mining reward and transaction fee revenue generated by providing liquidity to KlaySwap!

How is aKlay different from sKlay?

sKlay is another yield-bearing token that certifies the staked Klay in a CN node, provided by KlayStation. There are two characteristics that differentiate sKlay from aKlay. There are two characteristics that differentiate sKlay from aKlay:

  1. How to select nodes when staking

    sKlay is a tokenized position of staked Klay in the 'Hashed-Ozzys' node. On the other hand, aKlay is a tokenized position of staked Klay in general; the underlying Klay can be staked in any node that supports the delegated staking. The system automatically selects the optimal portfolio for staking rather than blindly staking all Klay tokens into one node.

  2. What the token represents

    For sKlay, the underlying Klay may change as the yield is generated. When sKlay is first created, 1 sKlay represents 1 staked Klay. However, as time passes, 1 sKlay could represent 1.05 staked Klay. This is a bit counter-intuitive for the users who staked their Klay because they always have to keep track of how much staked Klay does each sKlay represent. On the other hand, the underlying Klay of each aKlay does not change - 1 aKlay always represents 1 staked Klay. Instead, as the yield is generated, aKlay balance increases.

    For example, let's say you stake 100 Klay into the 'Hashed-Ozzys' node and receive 100 sKlay. A year later, in return, you get 5 Klay as yield. The number of sKlay in your wallet will not change. Indeed, you will still hold 100 sKlay. However, when you burn 100 sKlay, you can receive 105 Klay after the unstaking period of 7 days. This could be a little confusing for the users.

    When you stake 100 Klay into Klaymore, you will receive 100 aKlay. A year later, if the same yield is generated with the aforementioned example, your aKlay balance will change to 105 aKlay. And, by burning 105 aKlay, you will receive 105 Klay after the unstaking period.

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